lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Redalyc has adopted the Open Journal System (OJS)

Last week was held in Valdivia, Chile, the second congress of Redalyc editors. During the meeting were presented the new services and products developed by Redalyc team to support their journals . Redalyc ( ) is a Network of Scientific Journals from Latin America and the Caribbean countries, Spain and Portugal, created initially by the Autonomous University of Mexico State (UAEM), with the aim of contributing to the dissemination, access and visibility of journals published in those countries.

Redalyc subjects journals to an evaluation based on a set of 36 quality criteria related to formal and content issues. Journals have to complain with at least 82% of those criteria ( ) including OA to full text.

Redalyc has adopted the Open Journal System (OJS) as the model for journal management and publication and developed a sort of innovative services built upon the journals, such as the scientific atlas, statistics and networks among institutions, authors and countries or disciplines based on articles published in journals under the umbrella of Redalyc. Those services have not been developed to create a ranking or index but to allow managers or assessors to have more indicators based on multivariable relationships. The ‘atlas cienciométrico’ [‘sciencemetric atlas’] is a still under a beta version to allow users testing it ( ).

Redalyc's role in the dissemination of scientific outputs and OA advocacy in Ibero-American countries has been enormously valuable. Besides, Redalyc quality stamp is considered by some countries in their research evaluation assessment exercises. In summary, Redalyc is a collaborative project which provides not only hosting but disseminate OA principles and provide very riche and high quality services. Journals in Ibero-America have increased their visibility, quality and interoperability thanks to this initiative.

Good afternoon!

R. Melero
Científico Titular
Member of Redalyc Scientific Council